Ichibanboshi Kirari Chapter 1




I couldn’t  help but feel a deja vu when I read this manga. I wonder if it’s trying to ride the success of [i]Hirunaka[/i] although this one has a blonde sensei and dark haired Mamura (who’s not shy). We have a country girl who under certain (very forced) circumstances, is now living in the big city. She bumps into a mysterious guy who cheers her up and discovers he goes to her school–but who is he? You guessed it! He’s a teacher! LOL. Okay, “counselor”. But setting the cliches aside, I’m wondering how it will develop. The premise wasn’t anything exciting but I think I might keep reading it in hopes to be disappointed  have some fun with the characters. Cliche is fine as long as they have some kyaa kyaa moments. You know what I mean. The main character is a little naive but she hasn’t given me any reason to dislike her. She’s like a new born discovering her new surroundings. I did like the scene where she compared a situation in the city vs in the countryside as it really made me believe in the difficulty in transition. I wonder what the mangaka has in store for her character. Will she be choosing the route where the MC turns evil or refreshes her friend’s and classmates’ views on the world? Or a complete new route? As for the male characters… I didn’t find them at all interesting (yet). The teacher has some magical transformation (are you batman?) and the other one does something pretty stupid right off the bat. Like c’mon, why introduce them like that? LOL You’ll see what I mean if you read it. Yes, we understand this is a “forward” and shameless character, but the first chapter? Where’s the mystery? LOL Overall, not too impressive but worth keeping your eye on (if you have nothing else to read).

Chapter Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥

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