Mademoiselle Butterfly


Our heroine is a girl who lives as a geisha in Japan. She has a male childhood friend who’s always been kind to her and is her favorite. He’s a painter, only he paints on human body parts, and she loves it when he paints beautiful butterflies on her arms. She goes to visit him one day and finds a naked woman lying in his room. Immediately after, she gets a customer who’s rich and very interested in her. The thought of being away from her friend pains her, but is everything really too late?

Candy’s Rating: 7/10

Candy’s Notes: Short little manga with a cute romance story about a young geisha and a tattoo artist in 1900’s Japan. The time period gives the manga its character and is a vital part of the manga. Acceptable ages are younger so do not freak out at the age gap or the fact she is a geisha at such a young age. The manga is kinda episodic in a  sense that every chapter some new drama appeared, and was immediately solved within that chapter, except for the last plot line. That’s nto a bad thing, especially since later in the manga, those aspects that seemed episodic, start to tie up and forma  conclusive plot. I just didn’t like how they were literally solved in the same chapter.

Like when Chinatsu gets Butterfly out of jail by going to his brother. His brother simply lets him break off the engagement with no fucks, even though he was a total hardass. It’s like, kbye the. Well what was the whole chapter of sad faces about then? Nothing, it literally established nothing. At least they slept together at the end of it 😀
I wouldn’t say the ending is rushed, it’s just, done well?I’m not sure, but the way it was handled, I didn’t like it. Like I like the ending, just not the handling of it. The art is beautiful. Every time Chinatsu made a tattoo, I would just admire the page for a bit before reading on. It’s a sweet romance where the two support each other and grow with each other, but it’s effected by the handling of things. What did bother me a lot was reading the same intro every freaking chapter! Like I just read this 10 seconds ago, why do I need to read it again!! (this isn’t reflected in my score due to it being a dumb reason, but still, CRAP WAS ANNOYING!). Fall one more time butterfly, please, do it…..KILLING ME HERE MAN!

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  1. Jatz says:

    I agree with you Sweet-Chan.

    Yeah. The art was pretty, but I just didn’t like how the chapters panned out. I’d have liked it a little more if more stories took two chapters to play out, instead of one chapter one story.

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