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The “self bully” Ban has a normal enough life, and where divorced parents aren’t that uncommon, her life becomes shadowed in mystery when her mother, Eun-Joo, suddenly brings their “distant relative” Jin-Whan home to live with them. Ban’s mother would always avoid the topic of her family, so who is this strange boy? Are they really relatives? What torturous secrets does her mother’s past hold? And what do the sudden strange happens that follow in Jin-Whan’s wake mean? Would a better question not be who is he, but what?

Candy’s Rating: 8.5/10

Candy’s Notes: ANOTHER ACCIDENTAL MANGA! But omg I’m super happy I ended up clicking on this randomly. So like, while I was reading this, I was getting a lot of “Flowers of Evil” vibes (one of my favorite mangas). While I was making this post, went and found out they were written by the same author! It all makes sense now! So to start off, it’s a dark themed, dark vibed manga, just like Flowers. If you couldn’t handle it in Flowers, you won’t be able to handle it here either. Second thing imma say, due to manga reading sites that use ads, the person who was scanalating this one raged and didn’t actually do the last chapter. They have a summary (all you need really) of what happens in the last chapter here. Now for the actual review. Dear sweet niblets, I read this in a single go because i was literally that addicted. It’s a freaking good story. I mean, yea it has vampires, but they act like, appropriately, so don’t let that be something to turn you away from it. The characters ALL have issues. they are clusterfucks of hot messes, and I love it. Their imperfections give a great story. It’s like they’re constantly fighting with themselves and their pasts and issues and it all collapses. Dear jesus, things collapse hard. it’s tragic and beautiful. I’m sitting here wondering, so like, WHAT ARE THEY ACTUALLY FEELING!? They’re humanistic in the way that they act against what they are saying or they think they feel one way but it’s not like that. The dark story was right up my alley, along with all the murder and violence that happens. Okay so some spoilers because this bothered me.

Romance and Some Ending Spoilers.
Okay so like, I honestly cannot tell if Jin-Whan had feelings for Ban or not. People were constantly kissing him, but he always pushed them back or didn’t kiss them back, but when Ban kisses him, he actually does return her kiss. I know he didn’t have feelings for her mother due to him just using her as basically a replacement. he was trying to save Ryun and she was in the same type of situation so he thought if he saved her, it would help Ryun. That only backfired. Anyway, back to my original point. He also didn’t protest when she confesses, or when Ban’s mother tells him that Ban is in love with him. I seriously ended up thinking he cared for her romantically, but that may just be because I see what I want to see.
The art is so freaking beautiful, I was legit mesmerized during some scenes. When They use their powers or bite someone, thye get this pretty background and everything is just so pretty. Omg the chapter pages though were absolutely GORGEOUS! Like freaking Ageha gorgeous (go read my Basara summaries). The atmosphere it built was fabulous as F. It kept me in suspense the whole first 5-10 chapters. I was trying to figure out what was going on with Ban’s mom side of the family. Don’t worry, over time they do fill in the details of the mystery. One issue I had was the sudden change.
Spoilers Again
Even though they gave strong hints of what happened to Ban, and they tried to gradually show her change,. it felt like it was extremely sudden when it did happen. Like one second she’s looking at a dead cat and the next she’s a full fledged vampire who immediately kills a person. That’s another problem I had! Ban legit went off the deep end, killing and attacking, with zero fucks given. I mean I know she has this new power, but man she legit lost so much humanity really freaking quick!
On the topic of Ban. I will shank anyone that thinks badly of this little girls actions involving her parents. Everyone needs to remember that she’s in middle school! FREAKING MIDDLE SCHOOL! She is not going to understand consequences or even know how to think of others issues first. Second of all, she’s been through a crap ton of shet. Not the fact that she’s a natural emo kid, but the fact that she spent her whole life feeling like secrets have been hidden from her. When you feel like you can’t even trust your parents at that age, like how are you going to react! Just had to say that.

I know I wrote a crap ton for this one (I would’ve wrote more for flowers if I had the spoilers button at the time) but it’s definitely necessary! Go read this beautiful piece! If you like dark stories with amazing art and humanistic characters, then wtf are you waiting for, GO! If you don’t, then I feel bad for you son, cause this bad boy is a gem. My score is only an 8 because of awkward transitions (wasn’t even the manwha’s fault, it was how it was translated), and the rushed ending that didn’t feel closed (again, probably due to me having to read a summary instead of the actual chapter).  I was also bothered by Ryun. I just wasn’t feeling his existence. The uncertain romance also bothered me. Still, READ THIS!

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  1. Jatz says:

    Vampires acting appropriately? Do they ask for permission or wear a napkin when they suck your blood?! :-O

    Brilliant review, though. Was planning to read Flowers of Evil, so I’ll be sure to check this out too!

    The artwork you used for the banner is gorgeous! Reminds me of a Texhnolyze one.

    Awesome work, Candy-Chan!

    • SickeninglySweet says:

      Honey you are adorable reading everything we put up <3 and thank you, compliments are my natural weakness >////>

      They actually do believe it or not! But really, they follow the old rules like they need to be invited in and what not. I thought it was pretty nice following that and not making them overly romantic and sweet. that crap makes me sick.

      • Jatz says:

        Daijoubu. It’s good to find specific short Shoujo to read. =) pls praise me more…

        That’s cool. I don’t think I’ve seen or heard of many animanga that try to be faithful to vampires.

  2. Avelys says:

    Jesus, Brandi. This is probably your longest rant !!! LOOOL

    • SickeninglySweet says:

      LOOOOOOOOL IKR!!! I dont even know how it happened
      Abbadab do me a solid and upload this on the reader so I can change the read online links. Fuck mangahere ;——;

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