Seduction More Beautiful Than Love


A new teacher, Miss Jung has a student she particularly worries about. Ryu Min is the top student in the school, he’s tall, smart, and handsome. He shocks her by telling her, he wonders what it would feel like to kiss her. What is she to do about him?

Candy’s Score: 7.5/10

Candy’s Notes: I might or might not have gone on a Hyeon-Sook Lee (Flowers of Evil author) spree. So far of the 4 works of hers that I read (she doesn’t have that many translated), this has been the weakest. That doesn’t mean it’s bad, it just didn’t have the same feel as the others. Like ignoring the dark ambiance that seems to be a prominent thing throughout her works, this one is a pretty typical shoujo manga, as in its themes are pretty normal. Of course there’s another forbidden romance, nothing wrong or unexpected (the other 3 all had it too) there, and I genuinely liked the execution of it….for a while.  It seems I’ve noticed a trend with this mangaka. She tries to pull a shock value end always around the last 2 chapters. Sometimes it works, other times it doesn’t. In this case, it did not work, at like all for me. I’m sitting there literally going….”wtf was the point of that?!”  No, not the good wtf, the bad wtf. It like dashes to the finish line with everything, just concluding all the plot lines in literally like the last chapter (or 2, I’m not sure) and then proceeds to have some dumb choice made. I was expecting it, trust me, I was expecting something crazy because omg the other 3 all pulled off some crazy things in the last 2 chapters. I feel like this is done because the mangaka hates happy or something, I’m not sure, but I don’t normally hate it. This time unfortunately but it was just random. What was even weirder for me was how I didn’t connect to any of the characters or really feel much from any of them. I even found myself rooting for the guy we all KNOW ISN’T GOING TO WIN. Honestly that’s weird as F coming from one of her works seeing as I generally connect and get attached and don’t want the stories to end. Now on to the good. I liked the reasoning for things. Why he fell for her and why she fell for him. The way I saw it was because they were both basically licking each others wounds and filling something the other needed. It wasn’t like, oh you’re nice, I’m going to fall for you cause crap like that pisses me off. It was an actual developed romance. Well more like it was a developed seduction. I love when the guy falls first, and in this case he did. It gets semi explained why later….I think, or maybe I just told myself, who knows! One thing though. I cannot figure out the actual relationship between Ryumin and his “gf”. A lot of things were touched on all too slightly. like depth was lacked. That’s the problem. She normally draws me in with her stories, but this one felt like it lacked that aspect. I was just reading what was on the surface when i wanted to get much deeper into the minds of the characters. As expected, the art is freaking GORGEOUS! I never get tired of looking at her characters and their style. It had some good comical moments but the drama didn’t hold enough depth or was given enough value to make me care. Read if you like her works or you like really pretty art with forbidden romances. it’s not a bad manga at all, I’m just nitpicky because I love this mangaka.

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  1. anon says:

    this will always hold a place in my heart the story was good and the art was AMAZING and even though i’ve seen people complaining about the ending i think the ending was really suitable anyways thanks a lot for reviewing this since that’s the reason i read it

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