Sekine-kun no Koi


Sekine Keiichiro is handsome, intelligent, and popular. He’s a jack-of-all-trades who’s loved by women. Loved, that is, until they find out he’s passionless and stoic and completely lacking in conviction. In a moment of self-reflection he starts hunting: can anything make him feel? He’s about to find out.

Candy’s Rating: 9/10

Candy’s Notes: Yea, yea, I know, the synopsis sounds like a  typical hot troubled guy BUT it’s….pretty much that, but goddammit is it enjoyable!!! Sekine is like,  an emotionless, go with the flow type of guy who pretty much cries kinda randomly. Why? Because he’s got issues man, and they aren’t hard to see. Those issues cause all the women in his life to leave him, but it’s not like he really cares. Unfortunately, that also means he’s pre much just good for sex….yea this is an issue that started when he was young. Anyway, he indulges in multiple hobbies, hoping to find something that he’ll stick with and actually enjoy. In his quest, he started knitting and doing crafts….which also led him to magic. He goes into this shop and meets some girl, and he doesn’t think anything of it….until some other dude (who hates Sekine because he’s fabu maxxu) starts moving in on her.

Suddenly, Sekine feels, and that my dear addicts, gives us an extremely enjoyable and adorable manga.  he has no clue what he’s feeling or how to handle it but holy crap it’s hilarious. He like plans everything in his head and imagines whole scenarios and literally something always ruins em. Poor Sekine, he just wants to get the girl, but he doesn’t even know how to confess. I love this man, he’s too adorable. I can’t even put into words how much I want to huggle him. He’ll bring out your mother complexes because he’s such a wreck and you just want to love and comfort him. That sad face 🙁 omg, I can’t stand it anymore. He gets so passionate and just wants something to work! He never wants anything! UNTIL NOW! AND IT’S SO GLORIOUS TO WATCH!!!

I’m seriously in love with this manga because the beautiful as F art, the characters aren’t stereotypical cliches, and Sekine is freaking life! Sara, the main girl, is so quirky, I just love her. The clothes she wears, the things she’s interested in and the way she talks just makes you fall for her. I can’t tell if she’s dense or if Sekine is just that horrible at flirting but omg, NOTICE HIM WOMAN! I love the fact that we get to get all up in Sekine’s head and we actually get to know his thought process and how he feels about things. Hell sometimes, there is more talking going on inside his head than in the actual chapter because he’s such a  hot mess. He is absolutely LOVE! The romance is precious, the comedy is hilarious (poor Sekine), the art is delicious, the story is enjoyable,  the drama isn’t obnoxious, and  the characters are humanistic and you get attached to them. All in all, just a good manga to read if you’re looking for some sweet romance with a broken male protagonist <3 READ THIS!!!! This manga is currently still being scanlated.

Read 21/? Chapters
           4/5 Volumes

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Enjoy sad Sekine….there’s a lot of it xD




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