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Join us for our weekly manga! If you wish to join us, we provided links regarding the manga and left the comment box open, so make sure to share your thoughts with us!


English: 3am Dangerous zone
Japanese: Gozen 3-ji no Muhouchitai
Type: Manga
Volumes: 3
Chapters: 15
Status: Finished
Published: Apr 8, 2008 to Jun 8, 2009
Genres: Comedy, Romance, Josei
Authors: Nemu, Yoko (Story & Art)
Serialization: Feel Young

Links: MAL | Read Online | Torrent
Review: Pending



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19 Responses

  1. Jatz says:

    Oh. I haven’t read this, so I guess I’ll be joining you this week. 🙂 The cover art looks pretty, so I’m guessing the art will be high tier.

    • Avelys says:

      I know, that’s a big reason why I wanted to read it >_< And also I've been craving a josei.

    • SickeninglySweet says:

      Both of yall are soooo late to the party. Read this a whole 4 days ago B-). The art is more along the cutesy and comedy dramatized side, but still really nice to look at.

      • Jatz says:

        Everyone knows the cool kids show up late to parties, Sweet-Chan! Reading all the obscure mangoes. Should change your name to SickeninglySweetHipster.

        • SickeninglySweet says:

          hahaha I actually do tend to read more unknown shit over popular stuff simply because I like darker atmospheres. Like if a tag has horror in it…I’m reading it so quick

  2. The story is good, I just don’t like the male protagonists.

  3. Avelys says:

    That was really enjoyable! I really like her art.

    • Jatz says:

      I’ll probably finish it today. The art is really pretty, but there isn’t a whole lot to the story/characters. The first love hotel scene. <3

      Apparently there's a spin off and sequel that haven't been translated… *whistles nonchalantly* … just putting that out there, Abby-chan.

      • SickeninglySweet says:

        Ahhh, don’t you dare give her ideas! My poor body works hard as is okay! Yea, the characters are pretty surface value. You don’t get connected, or remember, like any of them. Story is just a cute workplace romance thing, so I’m okay with that.

  4. Koutou [Censored] says:

    I really loved the cover-art for these volumes, to the point that I would want to have them as large-sized posters in my house. I really think they conveyed something special and they made me think of the author as more of a graphic artist rather than a mangaka. The story is simple and enjoyable – while it is neither suspenseful or unique, its great charm stems from the fact that it realistically describes the dilemmas, worries and sources of motivation or happiness of the demographic it caters to. As a lovingly drawn josei which accurately portrays these and does so with panache, I highly recommend it to any lover of the demographic and slice of life genre.

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