Hiyori, a small and timid girl, goes to school for the first time in a year since an accident left her hospitalized. Follow her as she struggles with her social skills, tries to make friends and maybe even a little bit more…?


Avelys Rating: 8.5/10

Avelys Notes: I was kind of dreading starting this manga because the sypnosis was a little odd and I saw comparisons of this story with Kimi no Todoke and Hibi Chouchou. Not that those manga are bad but I don’t have a lot of patience with extremely slow manga (especially when the reward is severely lacking–I’m looking at you, Skip Beat!) There’s something to be sad for stories that have a proactive character who realizes her short comings but is willing to put all her effort into her relationships. Which is an aspect I liked of KnT and this particular manga. Hiyokoi introduces a short MC who has trouble integrating herself into school but with the help of our male lead, she has an easier time and consequently falls in love with him. As she realizes her feelings and takes steps forward with development, she becomes a really great character. She becomes strong and capable and so damn adorable! Male lead character is also excellent as he’s lovable from the start. I didn’t feel like any of the drama was overdone or annoying and felt like the entire manga flowed really well. I was really immersed and entertained. The art is nice, although sometimes the proportions were questionable. I also liked that there was a focus on side characters. I highly recommend this manga if you like slow but rewarding romance stories, love triangle, shy girl and enthusiastic male lead.

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