Koishitagari no Blue


“Won’t you become my girlfriend?”
On the day of her high school entrance ceremony, Ao got asked that by Riku, a guy that she has only just met. But by that, he meant to ask her to become his fake girlfriend, just to pretend. Ao was surprised by the sudden request, but after knowing Riku’s true feeling, she decided to agree to become his fake girlfriend…?

Avelys Rating: 6/10

Avelys Notes: I admit the first few pages of this manga made me fly into rage and I was about to turn off my tablet when I took a deep breath and decided to give it a chance. The precise moment I rolled my eyes was when our two main characters who are total strangers, talk for literally 2 seconds and the male PROCEEDS TO ASK HER TO BE HIS GIRLFRIEND. Are you serious? What? Where is the rationale for such an action? I thought this was the epitome of convenient ass shoujo but to my surprise (seriously, I was shocked) the story became rather good. The characters react appropriately to this absurd request (thank God she refuses) and he admits it was out of left field. As we are explained the reasons for his request and the circumstances surrounding it, the other characters and the chemistry between all of them, I found this shoujo to be somewhat enjoyable in the end. Which is a big feat given I was going to throw my tablet in a fit of rage LOL. The story is somewhat generic and of course doesn’t bring anything spectacular but it’s a worthwhile read if you like romantic stories. There’s a point where the characters all make really questionable decisions (doesn’t that always happen?) and things get really tangled up (why did you both switch girlfriends?) but it wasn’t terrible. I recommend if you like …typical shoujo: Love triangles (rectangle?), uneccessary drama, cute romance. A recipe for the sugar we sometimes crave.

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