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Shizuka Maku is just an ordinary high school girl with only slightly above average looks. That wouldn’t be a problem but her older twin brothers are the school heartthrobs and beside them she always looks plain. The only boys who have ever been attracted to her are chased away by her over-protective brothers. Shizuka is the only plain person in her family and now her brothers have told her that she might not be related to them by blood. Now she is supposed to pick one of them to be her boyfriend.

Avelys Rating: 4/10

Avelys Notes: Why oh why did I read this? Don’t even bother reading this manga. Look elsewhere for something much better. You’re probably interested in the fact that it’s two brothers (related? not related? WHO KNOWS?) and that it’s a love triangle but trust me on this, TURN BACK NOW. Don’t develop any interest in this and listen to my advice. If you’re an M, then continue reading, I guess. Man, even looking at the stupid cover pisses me off LOL.

So we have two incredibly good looking guys who may or may not be related to our main character. Our MC is plain, boring and anything but interesting except apparently she contains qualities that these brothers are head over heels in love with. Which apparently is how much she cares about them and gets beat up to protect them. Which is nice and all but there are a lot of nice girls out there. But okay, I’ll give it to them because they live with her and she’s always around them. So then they finally confess their feelings to her and make her choose which brother she wants to marry (what?) Then she refuses because she loves them as brothers and goes to find a boyfriend. They block her from doing so and scare away any of the prospective boyfriends. Wow, guys. I can really tell you love her, there. So then we get flashbacks about them throwing paper snow flakes at her and she admits she loves on the brothers. Then instead of ending on a nice note and revealing that they’re not related–oh no. Nope. You’re dragged into the pits of drama hell.

The rest of the manga constitutes of finding out if these brothers are related to her or not. Not only does an uneccesary elaborate story unfold but by the end, I still don’t understand the specifics. Even when there’s a diagram drawn out. Perhaps the translation wasn’t done well or the writing is stupid or maybe I was just so done by that point that I didn’t care, but I couldn’t believe what I was reading. Perhaps the writer wanted to write a cool back story and all but instead they managed to confuse me, get me angry, and cause me to vomit at the sight of this manga cover. I applaud you, mangaka. I hope I have sufficiently convinced you to not read the manga. If you do manage to read this, please let me know wtf that family diagram was at the end and how “they’re not related but really almost related but not really but lolol”. Thx. #EndRant

Highly highly recommend if you want to completely waste a few hours of your life and want to give up on humanity. Also, if you can ignore stupid writing for bishies.

P.S. I initially rated this a 5 but I was probably bewitched, as this probably deserves a 3 for story but there were some cute moments so I’ll bump it to 4.

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