Tonari no Koigataki


Hiro-kun and Icchan are both very important childhood friends to Akane. She thought they would always and forever be good friends, but…

Avelys Rating: 5/10

Avelys Notes: I have no idea how I managed to finish this manga. It was so generic and the writing was so dumb. If you’re interested in reading manga just to feel like two men are fighting over you with no real substances, here you go. There is no real set up with these characters, their life just circles around the MC. They’re like two card board figures that appear to have some human speech and pout here and there, glaring at the other. Fighting over their toy. It was aggravating reading and the only redeeming factor is that it was relatively short. Only reason the score is not lower because at least one of the guys was cute so that made it bearable. Don’t recommend at all unless you’re an M and want to suffer.

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