Dear Friends: Rina & Maki


There’s the affectionless father and the overly affectionate mother, and then there’s the beautiful 18 year old high schooler Rina. “Friends are just meant to be used,” is what Rina says when she is caught having sex with her friend’s boyfriend. Rina has such a low opinion of friends, but when she is hospitalized her classmate from elementary school, Maki, appears before her, wanting to continue their free-of-charge friendship from long ago. In this day and age, just what is the meaning of friendship? A tale of friendship based on a true story, as retold by Yoshi.

Pon’s Rating: 1/10

Pon’s Notes: No. Don’t do it. Don’t even think about reading it. Everything about this manga, from the art to the composition to the writing especially, is atrocious. Every line of dialogue is cringeworthy. The mangaka writes as if she actually were an edgy, selfish 17 year old. The most fundamental problem with this one-shot is that the author presents several very extreme, emotional, and provocative situations to elicit the reader’s sympathy in the most melodramatic way possible, with characters that are utterly one-dimensional. The mangaka expects us to sympathize with terrible characters, and she tries to get us to sympathize with ridiculous scenarios. Like, here’s the plot summary: MC-chan fucks her friend’s boyfriend and she gets cancer as karmic punishment, then befriends another cancer patient who happens to have already known her because she used to be severely bullied (of course) and MC-chan gave her a…present or something, fuck if I remember, so then MC-chan tries to kill herself like 10 panels later, then bullied-chan arrives and slashes herself across her body to stop MC-chan from jumping off the roof, lots of crying and screaming etc. (basically this whole manga), then a bunch of other shit happens and MC-chan learns to not be edgy, the end, oh and some other girl she used to know ends up being her nurse, I guess the mangaka wanted to throw that in too. It’s just a mess of horribly written clichés and melodramatic bullshit. Please never read this manga unless you too want to be like MC-chan and get cancer.

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  1. Jesus Christ this PonPonPon guy is fukken amazing. Literally I would give up my flower just to hear his voice. But he’s so swole he prolly gets laid 24/7 🙁 i should just kill myself since i’ll never get to be with him :((((((( but instead i’ll read this manga and give myself cancer

  2. Avelys says:

    I want to read this to counter you. I bet you’re just over exagerating, u edge lord :^)

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