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HellsingUltimateMainType: OVA
Episodes: 10
Status: Finished Airing
Aired: Feb 10, 2006 to Dec 26, 2012
Duration: 50 min. per ep.
Rating: R – 17+ (violence & profanity)


Hellsing, a secret organization of the British government, has long been battling supernatural threats to keep the people safe from creatures of the night. The current leader, Integra Wingates Hellsing controls her own personal army to eliminate the undead beings, but even her highly trained soldiers pale in comparison to her most trusted vampire exterminator, a man by the name of Alucard, who is actually a powerful vampire himself. Along with Integra’s mysterious butler and Alucard’s new vampire minion, Seras Victoria, The Hellsing Organization must face not only regular ghouls and vampires, but a rivaling secret organization from the Vatican, and Millennium, an enigmatic group of madmen spawned by a certain war over 50 years ago… A bloody battle between monsters is about to begin. The dead are dancing, and all hell is singing…

Review – Candy

Warning I do not remember every little detail due to watching this forever ago, but I do remember the hype parts!

This show….is literally better than sex for any action, gore, M rated, horror fan. The horror is more the ambience (it’s dark, people are dying, vampires are involved), but who cares, we get an amazing show with dark ambiance that focuses on being badass and having a fuck ton of death, murder, and destruction, and when I say a fuck ton….I mean a FUCK TON, of allll of those things!

Ultimate is actually a remake of the tv series since that thing was all over the place. This one was made to be more true to the manga and actually completed. In doing so, they amped up EVERYTHING! Visuals, audio, brutal disregard for human life, oh and blatant uncaring of viewers feels.

Spanning as 12, 50 min OVA’s, each one took longer then the last to be released. I remember after about a year plus, one got released near Christmas. BEST. CHRISTMAS. EVER! It was worth skipping school for. Point of this information, it’s so freaking good, waiting for the next one was actually pure and utter suffering! Plus, the release time is one of the few flaws I personally think exist in this series.

When I say few flaws, I literally mean FEW! I literally can only think of a small number of completely unimportant things such as the number of unimportant characters, and not enough Alucard (that’s literally a personal problem). One episode showed him like once! Omg when he was stuck on the boat, I legit died inside. Episodes without him are suffering ;____;. The actual worst though, was the dues ex bullshit they pulled with the butler. Was unnecessary as fuck! And he was a super cool cat. I mean they gave it a story and all but really, was it needed? Nope! Okay it probably was, I’m just salty that it happened (the back story goes more in to depth in the prequel). I felt is was added for more badass animation and action, which I would’ve been okay with, but seriously, I loved that man (which is why I’m salty and bitching about nothing). I adored the romance they threw in, but I hate how it was a plot device to make bby gurl stronger, but it was so cute, but my feels, but kisses, BUT THE CIGARETTE!!!! i.e.e it wasn’t an actual problem, I’m just sad cause I wanted more. See what I’m saying, issues, don;t even exist with this one for me.

Now, the absolute best thing about this series? Hands down, Alucard. Omg, this man, he can turn me into an M…yea, that’s saying a fuck ton. He is such a fucking bamf! My ovaries were never ready for any of his shit. He’s a hilarious asshole that knows he’s basically a GOD. I’m not kidding, he literally creates an army from inside his body…pretty godlike. He stores all the people he ate or murdered in him or something…yea, it’s a large fucking number. He’s a pure bred vampire, and literally just the strongest of them all, he really cannot be touched by any other vampire in this series. When anyone messes with him or the organization (besides the priest/Anderson because they have a secret bromance) they just get super fucking wrecked. I love one of the early OVAs when the mansion gets invaded by two vampire brothers and he makes one of the brothers his actual bitch. He’s great, I swear, the crap he says and does, makes my freaking day.

Before I like soak my seat talking about Alucard, I have to mention, this show likes its females bad as FUCK! Seras, aka policegirl (thank you Alucard for best nickname) was originally just a normal policegirl that got caught up in some shit, so Alucard turned her into a vampire. Originally she’s pretty much comic relief (takes a different meaning in this show) and also kind of a filter point between vampire and human, so we watch her struggle a lot. Then BOM, they shift the OVA’s focus to her, and it was soooooooooo freaking hype!!! Like seriously, waiting a year for that was worth because my god, she just went ham and wrecked shit! When the 2nd half of the series gets going, she speeds the fuck of and turns into a pure hunting dog that cannot be stopped! Sir Integra, yea, sir….even though she’s a female, is so bamf, they call her fucking sir! This woman gives no fucks, and you will respect and love her for it. She may seem a little bland, but you gotta adore her disregard for anybody not in her service, her want to protect those in her service, and her willingness to not be just protected, but get herself down and dirty as well.  We also have some female villains who are pre coo, but they’re whatever (I mean, they’re not Seras, so my care levels dropped), and then Schrödinger….who’s gender I still haven’t figured out. (Apparently they’re both genders, explains my confusion)

Now for some stand out males that aren’t Alucard. The Major, the main villain, I won’t lie, I never knew wtf he was talking about, but I loved it. Omg there’s a scene where he’s like talking about why he’s doing what he’s doing and he’s like “it’s not because I want revenge or anything like that, I just love war and destruction” and I was like….this man, he is best villain, straight up truthful, cryptic, with an amazing accent (for you dub watcher). That whole speech is actually pre sexy (someone i strying make me re-watch it as I type this review).Okay so honestly, because I find thiis whole speech sexy, and one of the best things about this show, I’ve included it here. Skip to 47:28.

Best Speech Ever

Back to my rant about amazing characters, Anderson the priest was, to me, hilarious. He’s another that I have no clue what he was talking about because he was spewing bible save the heathens shit, but in the best way! It was so graphic, like ripping em to pieces and shiz. It honestly added so well to his character. Like he doesn’t act or seem like a priest at all, until he’s like amen. Then he goes around with his guns always trying to kill Alucard, but honestly the two are secret besties and enjoy each others company, I know it! So this man goes extremely hard. In the later half of the series, no spoilers, shit gets real intense and he levels up to like some madness. The fight between him and Alucard then, it’s so delicious, I had to re watch it multiple times. It’s a treat. Then Integra’s butler, Walter, he’s pre fabu maxxu just for them wires alone. His fighting style is seriously enjoyable to watch. People come close…wait no they don’t he has everything set and placed and wrecking a bunch of shit. He’s loyal as F, to the point of giving himself up for Interga. Now, there’s this whole back story he has with Alucard that gets explained in the series, but goes way more in-depth in the prequel, so check that out if you’re confused about what happened and you end up salty like me. I loved that man.

This series has a crap ton of characters, and it’s actually really hard (okay maybe just for me since I watched it years apart) to keep up with who’s who. They help by giving people each an alignment and distinct fighting styles and personality quirks, but I wouldn’t be able to remember the backstories they told for some. Doesn’t matter, we only need like Integra’s people, the priest (he’s batshit insane and it’s great), and the Nazi’s. Yes, I said fucking Nazi’s.

THE PLOT IN THIS SHOW! Okay bear with me, I know it sounds insane but omg it works so freaking well!!! Take vampires, add in some zombie Nazi’s, the Vatican, and England getting totally fucking wrecked, and that’s Hellsing Ultimate. Trigger warning for all you war vets, the bombs get dropped. The accents, omg my heart, I loved the main villain because his accent was so…charming….yea charming lol (again, dub watchers. I watched some parts in both, while waiting for episodes to be released). Basically this show is like a war between the three fractions. The Nazi’s want to take over, not really, they just want to cause war and destruction, Intergra wants her people alive and I think was told to protect, and the Vatican wants to eradicate everything unholy, because you know, vampires and zombies….gotta handle that shit. In this huge ass war, the number of people who died actually amazes me. I told you man, total disregard for human life. Like, so much death, and it was done so cutely, zombie razing, bombs dropping, big fights happening, it’s godtier.

The art enhances all of this, on the real. It has a mature feel to it. No over-exaggeration of proportions, unless Alucard is shapeshifting, and the backgrounds are actually fabulous. Def good if you’re looking for some sexy art and animation. The animation is sooooo freaking good! It better be after they spent so much time making it! It’s liek a perfect style to show so much death and destruction, while still being creepy and dark enough to keep up the horror aspect of the story. Seriously, look at Seras after she loses her arm and Alucard changing forms, dare you to tell me they don’t keep the horror aspect.

I said the music got amped too, and it did! Every important scene is given some extremely hype music. It’s not one track reused for every scene. The general always had some beastly German music playing. Basically, the soundtrack is good, so listen to it, I’ve included most of it for you lovely plebs <3

What more can you ask out of show? Literally the only thing that could have made this show better would be the ending. It’s not bad at all, it’s just after all the blood, death, and murder, it feels weird to move into an epilogue, plus they pull some ambiguous as fuck shit. How many lives does Alucard have left!? Child Integra was adorbz and I need more of it. Elaboration on some little details, and wtf is Schrödinger (they actually tell us, I’m just always questioning that little demon), and that’s all. This is a pre solid show, by solid, I mean it’s actually amazing. If you like the genres it’s offering, go watch it!, f you don’t, well start liking them BECAUSE IT’S AMAZING AND YOU SHOULD WATCH IT! You’re suffering if you’re not watching it okay!!!

Btw, it’s not whack ass guro porn that tries to be edgy from shock value. The story permits a lot of death, and they just happen to show it vividly.



hellsingUltimate Celes



Just a tiny creeper with a love for all things sweet and terrifying. Wasting away trying to gorge people to death on my love.

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  1. Jatz says:

    Great review, Brandi. 🙂 Hellsing is such a fun action series, and the Major is such a great villain with great speeches… makes me feel weird because he’s a Nayzee.

    I saw the series dubbed and the over-exaggerated British accents are hilarious. Also love that the theme song plays when I opened this entry. <3

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