On an idyllic vacation island in the southern seas, a young couple is trying to overcome the death of their only son. But for Seiichi Kirishima, the husband, the trip has a different purpose altogether. He plans to kill his wife and dispose of her body deep inside the forest. However, when his plan goes awry and his wife manages to escape, Seiichi follows her into a dark cave, only to find himself trapped inside and soon hunted by a savage creature with an insatiable hunger for human flesh…

Candy’s Rating: 8/10

Candy’s Thoughts: Horror + Delicious art, what on earth could be better! This manga is a short delectable treat to satisfy my horror cravings. The best thing about it is that it actually feels like a horror! A lot of the horror I read are mixed genres that will focus on other aspects, but this one, was pure and true, aiming at filling you with a deep sense of fear. This is done mostly through its amazing art. Everything is so detailed, it’s actually disturbing. Like I swear, that child’s eyes, no, no more, go away, you’re creepy!

So we have a basic plot here. Husband and wife having a mass amount of troubles in their relationship go on a vacation. Little does the wife know, the vacation is a setup for the husband to murder her, cause he’s sick of her for blaming him over their child’s death. Well that plan goes horribly horribly wrong when they end up in a cave and a hideous looking old man comes out and wrecks Seiichi. So begins the struggle fro Seiichi to escape from the underground hell that he awakes in.

The fact it takes place in a cave/underground gives so much to its plot and to the horror value, simply because its isolated and dark, like all of the time. That isolation will make a man lose their mind, and indeed they lose the crap outta it. Without giving spoilers, Seiichi meets some people and basically has “best end” for himself. How you take that is up to you, but honestly the ending is pretty fucked up and I felt bad man. The old man just wanted a family and food and people to stop leaving him, WHY WOULD YOU DENY HIM THIS1? Oh because he’s torturing people and raping women…oh-okay, you win. Seiichi just wants a family and a normal life! How could you deny him that!? Not even answering this one man lol.

The art in this manga is toooo good, it’s honestly some of the best I’ve seen, and works so freaking well for instilling terror and fear into my poor body. Like I’m literally reading this going “FUCK, SOMEONE GET THAT CREEPY FUCKING MAN OUTTA HERE BEFORE I CRAI TEARS OF FEAR!” Fucker would legit sneak up being all creepy and ew, just no. Omg don’t even get me started ont he sex scene that was about to occur. This is pretty disgusting, and it’s meant to be that way. Being in that cave/underground all the time has not aged this man well.

Long story short, this is a delicious horror story that any horror fan would love. Jumpscares, amazing art, torture, murder, graphic gore, like honestly, what’s left to say but, GOO READ IT!!!

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