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Well, we finally released it!  I’ve been wanting to do this for a while with the SH team and I was over the moon when we finally got the chance to do so. Thank you Candy and Snaxia for participating <3 I can’t wait to do more videos with you guys. This recording was so fun to make, despite it being 1 am on a Saturday. There was a lot of rambling but I think we did a good job. I felt really sad cutting out a lot of the discussion out but we didn’t want to go overboard for our first video discussion. Anyways, stay tuned for more videos! We have a lot more planned out and I can’t wait! Plans include: reviewing a drama, an anime and a “reaction/impression” video where we’ll make commentary on popular ongoing and publishing manga. Subscribe to our youtube channel to stay up to date.  Okay, I’ll stop whoring us out. Hope you all enjoy the video. It’s filled with my sweat, tears and BLOOD. 250+ images later and here we have it: our first SH video discussion.



Song List

The following is a list of music featured in the podcast video. I linked the youtube page for each, so if you want to give a listen, go ahead and click.


BEST OF PETIT BISCUIT MIX 2015 (Chillout Mix 2015)

KOAN Sound – Lost In Thought

Izzard & Blankts – Threads






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