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Hello addicts, we hope to wish you a happy new year. We’re excited to introduce a few projects we will be adopting. A complete list will be featured under the “Scantalation” tab on the top menu for your convenience.



Wagaya wa kiseki

This series is by  Hata, Akimi and currently being serialized in Petit Comic. Our translator, DNJS, brought it to our attention and the art made us fall in love instantly. We hope you enjoy this series. Other manga by this author include: 2 dome no Koi wa Usotsuki, Baby Ote wo Douzo and Kataomoi Shoten (this last one we’re also picking up).



Kataomoi Shoten

Currently in talks with Chibi Manga to do a joint. We are excited to do another manga by the same author, Hata, Kimi. We love her art! First chapter is already available thanks to the lovely folks at Chibi Manga. We hope to start working from chapter 3 onwards 🙂 This is a completed manga, so if you can read japanese please support the mangaka by buying the original volumes.


six half

Six Half

Candy, SH co-admin, is really excited to work on this manga. We all read it and love it! We have requested permission to continue translations where JShoujo Scans left off, so hopefully we will have the okay to continue it. If not, we are always open to a joint. We recommend you read the first 20 so chapters as the story and art are amazing. The mangaka for this series is Iketani Rikako, who’s other works include: Bitou Lollipop (read this omg) and Futago (which is currently being scanlated by Stiletto Heels).



Himitsu no Juliet

Josei manga by  Ueda, Rinko. According to our translator, Dnjs: “it’s a funny, lighthearted story that doesn’t take itself too seriously. Romeo is a handsome, romantic male lead who doesn’t fit the usual yakuza image and Juli is sweet and naïve, despite being a tough detective. They are quite cute together!”



If you have any suggestions on a manga for us to pick up, please leave us a comment or tweet us @shoujohearts! And yes, we have noticed we’ve been picking up a lot of Josei instead of Shoujo. But we plan on picking up a shoujo series next month. More details soon.  In other updates, we are working hard to bring you new chapters for Boku ni Hana and Totsuzen, so please have patience 🙂




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