Anagura Amelie Ch. 1

Hello! We are happy to release a new chapter from a new series featured in Margaret. Anagura Amelie! From Sato Zakuri-sensei, who also wrote Mairunovich! I’d like to thank my wonderful team for working hard and super fast to get this done quickly. I’d also like to thank Melty from Otakumole–even though we didn’t end up using your translations, thank you for letting me read your version and making me want to adopt this new series! A huge thanks to Uruha from Scarlett Fansub for her wonderful redrawing magic of the cover page. And a huge huge thanks to Souka from Matteiru Scans for his speedy translations! Znf, thank you for being a saint as I harass you everyday for proofs. Vincent, thank you for putting up with my crazy demands. And the biggest thanks to SickeninglySweet, only you can have a whole chapter cleaned in 2 days. What a machine. Love you guys <3

We shall be releasing quite a lot in the following week, so please stay tuned~ Without further ado, enjoy our newest release!



Anagura Amelie

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3 Responses

  1. Jatz says:

    Awesome. The art looks kind of neat, so I’ll be sure to start this. Looking forward to the other stuff you guys put out. 😀

  2. Marimo Translator says:

    Hello ShoujoHearts,
    I’m a translator, my name is Marimo. My translating is for free, I just want to share interesting manga to Vietnamese readers.
    And I’m interested in a shoujo manga of you – Anagura Amelie. I hope you will give me a permission to translate it into Vietnamese. Of course I will keep your credit.
    I’m waiting for your answer. Have a nice day. ^_^

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