Hana o Meshimase Ch 4 [Final Chapter]

“i starved for this. pls send food” – Aryl, Translator for Hana o Meshimase ch 4.

We’re proud to give you the final chapter of this beautiful series by Iwashita Keiko. A huge thanks to Aryl who worked on this series since chapter 2, and DNJS for translating chapter 1! Big thanks to the proofreaders Jasmine and Snaxia. Thanks to Phanzanu for typesetting <3 You’re the best. Finally a huge thanks to Nessy from Decadence Scans who helped cleaned this series. Without your help, we wouldn’t have been able to finish the project. Colorings were done by IameikoD–please check out her deviantart page.  First SH project completed FIGHTO!


Chapter 4 [Final Chapter]



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  1. evilfish says:

    Thanks for the release! 😀

    Do you guys have the uncolored version of pages 61 and 64? Colored pages are nice and all, but I like being able to see the originals.

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