Hakoiri no Musume Ch 1 & Updates

Hello everyone! Excited to release Hakoiri no Musume by Iketani Rikako!  The lovely ladies at Stiletto Heels agreed to work with us on this series. I feel so thrilled and honored to be working with them. To be honest, they were the group that made me and my co-admin want to become scanlators.  We are absolutely smitten with every project they’ve done and are currently working on. They have amazing Josei series, make sure to check their website out.  And their reader for all their amazing projects. I have too many favorites by them but if you’re a fan of Iketani, check out Futago ( I typeset chapter 22 and 23 lol–you can tell I’m a Iketani fangirl.) Anyways, enough fangasming– let’s talk about Musume.

Hakoiri no Musume is Iketani Rikako’s latest series. It’s currently being published in Cookie magazine and I was so excited to start working on it. The story intrigued me as the female protagonist is raised in a very strict, protective household. Reading the first chapter, I found Tamako extremely relatable. I thought she had this adorable, innocent and naive personality that I don’t think I’ve seen in Iketani’s works before. Usually her characters tend to be spunky and super sassy. Which I thought was a sort of Iketani trademark LOL. So it was quite refreshing to read this type of character. I’m very intrigued and expecting great things. So far Iketani hasn’t disappointed me. I’m smitten with her other series Bitou Lollipop (completed series), Futago and especially Six Half. I think her stories tend to be very dramatic but because I’m so invested with the characters, it makes a really compelling narrative. I would say that’s her strength: making compelling and relatable characters. Although the situations they’re put in can be a little too dramatic or crazy for some people, I think it doesn’t matter as long as you’re invested with the character.

There can’t be an Iketani series without some bishounen. Noriyuki looks like a mix between Kai and Akio from Six Half LOL. Although his personality is nothing like them. Noriyuki seems like the typical brooding rude male lead, I’m curious how he’ll develop. Noriyuki and Tamako’s life together seems like it’ll be an interesting combination. With his realistic outlook on life and Tamako’s naive outlook–I wonder what kind of situations they’ll face and how much they will grow. Anyways, without further ado–please enjoy Hakoiri no Musume!

Hakoiri no Musume Chapter 1:
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Release Updates:
Now, updates on our other series, I am currently QCing a few chapters of our other series, please expect a release sometime this week. I also want to welcome a few new staff members such as: Summercell, Imogenyourgirl and Hunny. Their help is going to help release faster chapters, welcome to the family! If you’re interested in joining our family, please read this post where I outlined what each role does and an estimate of how much time it will consume. To apply you can post on this thread  or e-mail us at shoujohearts@gmail.com.

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Thank you so much for your love and support, I am so happy to read your comments. I hope you enjoy this series and our other series!



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5 Responses

  1. Hats99 says:

    Great coverage! I couldn’t have said it any better so I linked readers to your blog post. Heh. Wish I could be more prolific in regards to manga reviews/synopsis, but I’m really bad at it! Looking forward to continuing work with your team because this is a great read. ?

    • Avelys says:

      Thank you! I feel like more people are interested in reading a new series if they know a little bit about it. I know I love that kind of stuff. Like an old friend recommending a series to you 😀 We’re all manga addicts so might as well make everyone obsess with me :’) And I love working with your team as well <3

  2. ammy says:

    Thank you so much for releasing Hakoiri no Musume – it’s such a cute story, I could not stop reading and had to look at the chapters on otakumole to quench my thirst last night… Makes me want to go back to my own university days haha
    I am also a big fan of Iketani-sensei’s works – I also really love how her stories always have an unusual twist in an otherwise normal environment and of course the quirky characters really grow on you!

    • Avelys says:

      I totally feel you!! There are some series that are just too addicting–you want to just marathon as many chapters as you can at once LOL. If you love Iketani-sensei, I highly recommend reading Ikuemi Ryou. She also has some great characters in her stories. Stiletto Heels is doing a few of her series and I hope to scanlate her most recent one! /Hyperventilates. Thanks for following our series :3

  3. Iman says:

    I loved Hakoiri no Musume so so so much! Are you guys still working on it?

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