Hotaru no Hikari Ch 62

NEW RELEASE of best josei ever. The lovely Himono is back with another interesting adventure. I wasn’t sure how I felt about these two and their arc, but I’m actually pretty pleased with how it deals with their friendship/relationship.  The way you try to become lovers after being friends for such a long time–and how confusing it can be to realize what type of feelings you have for the person–it’s very relatable. To go for comfort or excitement? What kind of relationship does she want? I think the author brought up these issues in a great way. Was pretty thought provoking. But maybe I’m the only one looking into this chapter so deeply x)  Anyways here’s Day 5 of our V-Day releases. Hopefully I can keep up with this intense release schedule. If not, please forgive me x_x

Hotaru no Hikari Ch 62
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  1. sakura says:

    Hello, I was wondering if you guys will also translate the other seasons of this manga like Hotaru no Hikari SP and Hotaru no Hikari BABY?

  2. claire says:

    thank you.

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