Wagaya wa Kiseki de Afureteru Chapter 3 [END]

Hello my lovelies, I’m bringing the final chapter of Wagaya. It’s been long overdue! We are also working on the oneshot following this ending so stay tuned for that! A big thanks to the lovely ladies that helped throughout the series. First, I will like to give a huge hug to our translator DNJS who’s love for this mangaka has made bringing the series to you easier!  Next we have a wonderful set of proofreaders, starting from Jamie, Snaxia, and most recently: Ridsta!  Cleaners and redrawers, a huge thanks to Uruha and Bryan for chapter 1 and 2, and Min Min for finally helping us end the series by cleaning and redrawing chapter 3. Huge hug to Aryl for helping me out with the typesetting for both chapter 1 and 2.  It wouldn’t feel right without thanking everybody that helped release this chapter. It takes so much patience and work just to get some chapters out, so it feels amazing to COMPLETE a series!

Now this ending feels a little abrupt. DNJS and I were discussing it and figured the subject was a bit too taboo for the magazine publishers and they probably pulled the plug early. DNJS says it’s odd since usually this mangaka’s work last multiple volumes. I agree, it explains why the ending feels so anticlimactic. But I don’t really mind it. This series introduced me to the mangaka (Hata Akimi) and I am smitten with her art work. I’m excited to do more of her work in the future (and so is DNJS!)

Anyways, without further ado, please click below for the download and reader link. Since Batoto is no longer available, we will be uploading only to our own reader until further notice.

Wagaya Ch 3 [End]

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  1. ammy says:

    Thanks for your hard work on this wonderful series! Even though the ending feels a little abrupt, it was still a worthwhile ride 😉

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