Negattari Kanattari Ch 3

I just want to start off this post by wishing DNJS a happy birthday. This was the series that she first translated for us and sparked a life long friendship. If it wasn’t for her eagerness to translate, I probably would’ve never felt passionate enough to start this scanlation group with my co-admin SickeninglySweet. Thinking back, it’s crazy how far we’ve come, how many people we’ve met, how much we’ve grown since then. And it’s all thanks to you, DNJS. I hope we finish this series soon, since it’s so adorable. It’s funny seeing how much we’ve slowly progressed chapter by chapter. 

A big thanks to our typesetter Rai who is an excellent Typesetter (and her SFX are pro as f!) and Ayne from EvilFlowers. If it wasn’t for you two, we would never have been able to release this chapter. Thank you Chane for always bringing your A-game into proofreading. And thank you to Hikari for the redraws. Siempre estas ahi para ayudarnos <3.

This chapter was pretty adorable–the MC’s eagerness to spoil her partner was heartwarming. I also like how quickly they resolved any misunderstandings. The male lead makes a good point too, teaching us a valuable lesson in for the love of god, can you female leads stop taking irrelevant advice that always causes drama in the relationship. But then, what is a shoujo/josei without misunderstandings? We can’t expect Kare Kano which is god tier level from every manga. Also if you guys haven’t read Kare Kano, PLEASE READ IT. It’s the best shoujo manga ever written and DNJS GIFTED THE ENGLISH LICENSED VERSION TO ME TOO OMG we went full circle. I just love DNJS and I hope she stays with us forever and she’s an amazing friend. Okay, enjoy the chapter!

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