Wagaya wa Kiseki Extra

Hello all! Summer is here and we are so excited. My semester just finished and I am anxious to be productive. I actually can’t believe how much life is taken out of me during a semester. I’m hoping I can develop more discipline. Have you guys watched any productivity/studying youtube channels? They’re absolutely delightful and kind of therapeutic. Nothing like scrolling past my Instagram and seeing picture of beautiful study notes. Maybe it’s just me.

Now, we have an extra chapter for our finished series Wagaya wa kiseki de afureteru. If you haven’t read the previous chapters, I strongly recommend you do for context. I remember scrolling past my Petit Comic magazine and seeing the beautiful art by Hata Akimi. Coincidently the fave mangaka of DNJS, one of our translators. Hata Akimi, if the name sounds familiar, is the author of Kataomoi Shoten. Her art-style is so iconic and beautiful. I’m going to attach one of the covers for Wagaya wa kiseki below. Now, here is the extra!

Wagaya wa Kiseki [Extra Chapter]
Click here to read or download–as well as the previous chapters.



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