Six Half Ch 28

And we’re back! Week 1 of trying to release once a week. I was going to hold off and release the entire volume but I admit I got quite sidetracked with revamping the credit page for this beloved series. We have a few new additions to our team, welcome! If you are interested in being part of this magical process, you are more than welcome to join us. JOIN OUR REVIVAL!!!! So exciting.

I hope you guys enjoy this latest chapter. Next week we’ll be back with another chapter of Anagura Amelie 🙂 I have other release plans but why spoil the fun? Join our discord server if you want to meet us/discuss the chapters/join us. I decided to make it short and sweet today since it’s a beautiful sunny day here in Canada and I need all the positive vibes to continue working on more chapters. Over and out!

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Six Half Volume 6, Chapter 28
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