Six Half Ch 29-31

Hello again my sweets! As promised, here are some new chapters of Six Half! I wanted to release the entire Volume 7 but the chapters have gone from 30 pages or so to about 60, so they need extra love and care. Despite how much work it took, I’m so proud of the finished result. The story is so interesting and I can’t wait to finish the series. Interestingly enough, the entire series ends on chapter 44, which is Volume 11. So we’re almost there.

These new chapters really pulled at my heartstrings. Shiori (the MC), is starting to feel anxious about losing her identity once her memories return. The unknown can be so terrifying– imagine potentially forgetting everyone around you. The prospect is so scary, I really could feel for her. She decides to write her feelings in a letter to be opened in case she loses her current self and I thought that was so poetic and beautiful.

It reminded me of how I was younger and writing journal entries about my day to day life. It was like I wrote a text screenshot and reading back, I can remember specifically those memories I wrote about. It’s like I was able to freeze time and go back to it whenever I wanted to. It’s pretty magical. That movie, The Butterfly Effect with Ashton Kutcher really made me appreciate how delicate our past memories are and the pursuit of protecting our past.

Anyways, hope you enjoy the chapters. There’s one more chapter (and a half) missing until we complete Volume 7. We are also working on the next volume of Anagura Amelie so keep an eye out for that one as well. I’m hoping once we clear all this backlog I can go back to my one true passion, typesetting. Oh, I’ll also be hosting a Typesetting Workshop for my staff in a week–so if you want to join our staff and wish to be trained personally by me, please feel free to e-mail us at shoujohearts@gmail.com or submit your application by reading this post here. Have a great weekend!

Six Half New Releases

Volume 6, Chapter 29: Reader | Download
Volume 7, Chapter 30: Reader | Download
Volume 7, C
hapter 31: Reader | Download



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