Oboreru Knife Ch 43

Happy summer, everyone. I hope you guys will enjoy this beautiful chapter of Oboreru Knife, joint project with the scanlation group Evil Flowers. They’re iconic and have been around forever, make sure to check out their projects. I remember reading their projects a long time ago even before we became a group. So it’s always an honor to work with them. As always, I’ll keep it short and sweet. All the previous chapters of Oboreru Knife have been uploaded to our reader if you want to binge read it! If you want to help out with this project, we’re looking for help! E-mail us at shoujohearts@gmail.com if you’re interested. I hope you have a wonderful summer! Back to school is just around the corner…

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Oboreru Knife:
Volume 11 Chapter 43
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  1. madthejoint says:

    Omg can’t belive this is back , it’s been almost 1 year , I gave up hope , thank you so much . Love you guys !

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