Anagura Amelie, Hotaru no Hikari and Six Half new chapters!

Happy summer to everyone! We hope everyone is having an amazing summer break. This is the time when I and all our staff have the most availabilities and dedicate our time back to scanlation. It’s been a long year since we last released. I finally have some free time and I’ve missed how therapeutic scanlation is. These amazing chapters have been waiting for me to QC for a long time so I’m glad I am finally able to clear my QC log. Thank you to my amazing staff who waited patiently for my return. If you would like to join our team please do! Let’s keep this momentum going! Here is our recruitment information: here.

We hope you enjoy these releases!


Anagura Amelie

Vol 4, Ch. 23: Reader | Download | Mangadex
Vol 4, Ch. 24: Reader | Download | Mangadex

Vol 5, Ch. 25: Reader | Download | Mangadex

Six Half

Vol 7, Ch. 32: Reader | Download | Mangadex
Vol 7, Ch 32 Extra: Reader | Download | Mangadex

Hotaru no Hikari

Vol 11, Ch. 63: Reader | Download | Mangadex



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