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 – Raw Provider, Typesetter, Quality Checker

A girl with a passion for everything shoujo. Other interests include watching movies, anime, J-dramas and reading books. Currently planning to take over the shoujo world and rule them all with her partner in life, Candy. Started reading shoujo manga after watching the atrocity that is Itazura na kiss anime and hoped to find the romance she desperately needed. Almost gave up on anime but shoujo saved her life so she repays this favor every day by reading every shoujo that is released (or tries to). Overall friendly person so don’t be shy and ask her for recommendations.

SickeninglySweet/Candy – Cleaner and Quality Checker

The sassiest shoujo addict around, if you don’t be careful she will make you her personal slave. Hardworking and always giving 100% she is the other half of the beating heart that is Shoujo Hearts. Don’t let her yandere tendencies fool you, she is actually the sweetest and most loyal girl around. At first she looked down on manga but succumbed to the insatiable pull that is the genre. Her favorites include horror, josei and stories with smart female leads. She usually roots for the underdog and the male love rival that always loses.

Email us at shoujohearts@gmail.com for any questions, requests, etc.

Scans Team

DNJS – Translator, Raw Provider

Amazing human being! Dedicated to our team, she started off translating every single series at the very beginning. We thank our lucky stars to be working with her. Her love for shoujo/josei rivals the SH admins and she has the largest collection of manga. Envy enducing. So approachable and sweet, you can talk to her about anything. A great listener and always giving the best advice, she is just a pleasure to work with. In her spare time she translates manga on otakumole to give you undeserving addicts a dose of shoujo. SH Scans would be nothing without her. WE LOVE YOU <3

ArylFox – Translator

Super fun to talk to, Aryl has a warm and kind personality. She likes to game in her spare time and translate. Very hard working and dedicated. She loves Iketani manga (who can blame her?) and stories with great characters. She was intially translating on Otakumole until Avelys kidnapped her. She leaves the most adorable comments in her script which make our proofreaders chuckle.


Sparks – Translator

Cute, warm and hard working, Sparks (known as stfusparks on otakumole) is known for her HQ speed translations. Super hard working and on top of her stuff, she is the epitome of efficiency. She likes to karaoke with the staff on Saturdays and takes singing very seriously.  She is a huge sucker for pretty art, badass/tough heroine and tsundere male leads.

Souka – Translator

The chef of the shoujohearts staff, Souka always sends us pictures of his latest creations. When he’s not cooking and learning about new recipes, he’s training for his cycling competition and practicing his many instruments (piano, violin, guitar and cello). A perfectionist and detail oriented, he’s always putting 100% of effort into whatever task he’s assigned.  He is familiar with: Japanese, Mandarin, Cantonese and Vietnamese. He is currently the admin of Matteiru Scans. His catchphrase is “ya betsuni” and saying your name 20 times during a conversation.


Crobemeister – Redrawer, Cover Page Colorist

Our savior, he always magically makes stuff on the page disappear. Amazing artist and always on top of his duties. He makes our pages look better and re-drawer extraordinaire. Super friendly, constantly optimistic and fun to talk to. He enjoys watching anime in his spare time and playing games. His talents include being awesome, being good at photoshop, magician, and being awesome. He has a bachelor degree in Animation. Favorite anime include: K-ON, Bakemonogatari and Samurai X Trust & Betrayal (which is an excellent OVA–go check it out).

 PonPonPon – Proofreader

 He has a weakness for cute and adorable. Despite being friendly and easy to talk to, an edgelord lies beneath. The eternal diplomat, Pon will always find a way to understand everybody’s position, especially during an argument. Not one to demean both parties, he usually becomes the mediator. He is very attached to his violin, so much so that he only cried during 12 years a slave when a violin was being destroyed. Favorite animu is Azudaioh.  He hates bad shoujo and butterflies. He has a huge crush on Nic Cage and PoeticJustice. Favorite emoticon is: :^)

Snaxia – Proofreader

One of the loveliest people we know. She’s a review moderator on MAL. She works during the day and plays Smite at night. Enjoys watching movies and reading. Currently aspiring to be a shoujo manga addict. Funny, smart and a great listener are just a few characteristics to describe how amazing she is. She’s always trying to get connect four emoticons on skype but alas the struggle is real. Her fave anime is Steins;Gate. Don’t ever mess with her or speak badly about her friends or she will set you straight.


 J’aime – Proofreader (Hiatus)

A girl with an enormous passion for shoujo, she has probably read more manga than all of us combined. She’s always in the loop of what’s coming out in the shoujo world, giving the best recommendations. She proofreads lightning fast, finishing one or two chapters in less than an hour. Her favorite manga include (but not limited to): Nana, Dengeki Daisy and Hirunaka na Ryuusei.  She also enjoys watching anime and playing with her pet rabbit (who is the cutest thing ever!!!).  Her and Avelys went to the same highshool together and have been friends ever since!




Dedicated and hard working, DL manages to balance out her hobbies with a full time job. She spends her days watching movies and reading books and has a pretty vast knowledge of both. Just check out her goodreads and letterboxd and you’ll see how intimidating she truly is. Other hobbies include: watching anime, reading manga and writing for her blog. She enjoys reading all sorts of different genres but has an affinity for horror.  Favorite catchphrase is “kimochi warui”.



Our first contributor, Cal spends his days reading manga extensively. He prefers to keep to himself but once you get to know him better, you’ll find his humor delightful. He reads a lot of seinen and shounen but you’ll find some shoujo in his repertoire. He has high standards for what he likes to read (and sometimes a little nit picky) but there’s nothing wrong with someone who expects good quality works. Approach him cautiously because he gets spooked easily, like a cat.


Jojo, yaoi funny and sweet. The three ingredients that make up this amazing specimen. One of our biggest supporter, Jatz is always one of the first to comment on all our posts. He spends his days watching anime and maintaining his harem. One of the most easily approachable people, he gives you a reply at lightning speed.  The lack of 10/10 scores in his manga confirms how big of an elitist he really is. He will spam you with reaction gifs on skype, so it almost feels like you’re talking to him face to face.


 Quite impossible not to have fun talking to this cutie. Flirty and adorable, time flies when you’re chatting. She is sporty and loves adorable anime like Aria and K-On. Don’t you dare contradict her or she will fight you. Her favorite manga include: Chihayafuru and Mars. Loves Taylor Swift, yuri manga and randomly bursting out with Japanese words. She hates online drama and avoids it with a ten foot pole (but it always finds her). Great person to simult-watch shows and movies with because she always spots something you probably missed. Favorite catchphrase: “FITE ME IRL”