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  1. hirolove
    A cold beer and snacks please
  2. sweetlullabies
    hungy for watermelon
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  3. avelys
    avelys sweetlullabies
    gurl gimme some of these watermelons
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    2. sweetlullabies
      MINE XD
      Apr 14, 2021
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  4. avelys
  5. avelys
    avelys Eichan
    Eichan did you draw your profile picture? It's cute!
    1. Eichan
      Isn't it? a friend won it in a contest for me~*¬*
      Sep 11, 2020
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  6. alphari
    I got two jobs, struggling LOL
  7. avelys
    avelys Annalise Grace H
    Hey, have you tried torrenting?
  8. Annalise Grace H
    Annalise Grace H
    Does anyone know where i can download Manga complete chapters please help.
  9. TTL06
    Admins please answer my question under “questions for shoujohearts”
  10. Kyky
    Opera literally owns my ass until sunday
  11. Rai
    Oh Christmas Lights~ Light up the sky~
  12. avelys
    avelys aeslis
    Beautiful <3
  13. Kyky
    The week is done at least \^.^/
  14. Ridstarocks
    Exams are over \^o^/
  15. Chane
  16. avelys
    avelys Ridstarocks
    Welcome <3
  17. avelys
    avelys La Flame
    /waits patiently for qt boi to notice her


  18. avelys
    avelys La Flame
    Why are you such a qt girl :[ I want to be qt lyk u
  19. avelys
    avelys souka
    Yo tech guy,
    i'm have some technical issues pls halp
    my microwave isnt working anymoar :[
    1. souka
      wow r u kidding me
      Feb 28, 2017
    2. avelys
      wen can u com 2 fix it pls i cant cook no moar
      Mar 1, 2017
  20. Chane
    just a granny translating slang