Cynical Orange



The most beautiful face, the perfect body, and a sincere personality… that’s what Hwang Hyemin has. Naturally, she’s the center of everyone’s attention. Every boy in her school loves her, while every girl hates her out of jealousy. Every single day, she has to endure tortures and hardships from the girls. There is nothing more satisfying than getting them back. Well, except for one problem: her secret crush, JongYon. Because of him, she has to hide her cynical and dark side and put an innocent face on daily.

For him, she has to endure all the jealousy and suffering.
Then one day, she found out that he dislikes her anyway!!
That’s it! No more nice girl!
And her first victim of rage is a playboy she just met, MaHa.

CynicalOrangeDLType: Manhwa
Volumes: 9
Chapters: 24
Status: Finished
Published: 2002 to 2006
Genres: Drama, Romance, Shoujo
Authors: Yoon, Ji Woon (Story & Art)
Serialization: Sugar
Links: MAL | Read Online | Download

First Impressions


“This is feeling a lot like Flowers of Evil“. It’s got a semi dark ambiance with an antisocial main female and a protective family member. See where I’m going with this. Something is super suspicious about her cousin too….like it’s abnormal. Besides that, I really enjoy reading this manga. I love the way MaHa is treated by everyone, is comedy gold LOL. The characters are all really fun and interesting too, but you can tell each of them have a dark aspect, or something they’re hiding in the background. I’m super amped to find out what they’re hiding and where this story will go. Due to literally only the last chapter not being translated,, I put this one on hold early on because I sooooo don’t want to get all deep into it, get to the last chapter and then suffer for like ever (LOOKING AT YOU THE ONE)

Summaries w/Thoughts


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